Performance Management and 360 Surveys

JRock helps your company create a performance management culture through the use of our cutting edge performance review and 360 survey programs. We provide a soup to nuts solution and unbeatable service in the execution of your review.
JRock provides an online performance review platform that can meet all of your performance review needs, whether you are a small, mid-sized or Fortune 500 Company. Our performance review services will help you quickly align employee and company goals and assess internal talent and identify future leaders, allowing you to invest in their development, thereby retaining your most important assets. Our performance review reports are bright, clear and easily understood. Our writing assistant helps make the process easier for raters and more valuable for employees. We will help you to quickly and easily establish SMART goals for your employees and align them to the company goals. You can also opt for a development action planning tool complete with development recommendations.

In a 360-degree assessment, subordinates, peers, and supervisors provide feedback. It also includes a self-assessment and, in some cases, feedback from external sources such as customers and suppliers or other interested stakeholders. It often is contrasted with “upward feedback,” where managers are given feedback by their direct reports, or a “traditional performance appraisal,” where their managers most often review the employees. We mainly use 360-degree feedback for training and development but sometimes also use it to help organizations make promotion or compensation decisions.

Example. The CEO of a Media company engaged us to design and administer a developmental 360-degree assessment for the 12 members of her Management Team. We designed a 45-item assessment survey with quantitative and qualitative items and conducted interviews with each team member and the CEO to gather more descriptive descriptions of the team members’ strengths and areas for development. We met individually with each team member to give them feedback and also created a team-level aggregate report.