Change Management

Although change is the constant feature of any organization, something that leaders have come to accept and factor in their work, it is something that few organizations consciously plan and manage effectively. Whether an organization is facing incremental or radical change, driven by external or internal factors, we offer a set of qualitative and quantitative assessment instruments for gauging the extent to which a team or an organization is ready to approach and implement the range of changes that will allow it to survive, thrive, and demonstrate breakthrough performance.

When it comes to effective organizational change, one quickly realizes that the devil is in the details. Successful change requires a solid systems view of the world as well as the ability to dive into the specific mechanics that will make the change effort stick. Endurance is often the name of the game. We work closely with change leaders and their team to develop roadmaps for change that broadly define the key initiatives to be undertaken, as well as the details of work streams, tasks, stakeholders, milestones and change metrics.

Example: A medical device business had just revisited its strategic plan in light of new competitors entering their local market and decided to both invest significantly in product development and tighten their manufacturing practices. The strategic plan had a 4-year horizon but required some immediate changes in organizational structure, talent mix, and a shift in mindsets towards greater outward attention. We assembled a cross-functional transition management team to identify the top implications of the strategic plan for the organization’s structure, talent and culture and designed a plan of action, with key actions, stakeholders and metrics. A pulse check survey was administered every 6 months to track progress against the roadmap.